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Wild Ideas

For Lovers Who Like To Do Things Differently

Navy satin dress with frills and tiny white polkadots.jpg

Choose witness names at random

My couples have done this in a few ways. E.g. Pulling names out of a hat (a roller derby helmet in this pic!), or "golden tickets" hidden under two chairs, or via a witness raffle.


*Witnesses can be any two people who are over 18 years and able to understand the ceremony.

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Shot roulette for who goes first with vows!

Ie. "We had a little trouble working out who was going to go first with their vows today, so we've decided to leave it in the hands of the universe. One of these shots is water, one of them is something fire-y and mysterious. The person who scores that one will use that fire to summon their bravery to go first!"

I often get an audience member to help serve these drinks to you, to involve someone special. I might pop an extra one on there too, in case they'd like to join you!


"Put your hands together for the newlyweds..."

Have someone other than me finish this sentence! It could be some cuties, as in this picture, or the person who set you two up, or anyone special to you!


Virtual wedding party member/special guest!

Do you have someone super special who can't be there in person? Have them walk down the aisle and then sit right in the front row! Pictured here is a bridesmaid who was stuck overseas but very much a part of the celebrations.

gin and streamers.jpg

Streamer finale

We do this right at the end of the ceremony, as I present the newlyweds and we roll into party time. 


Match the colours to your styling and I'll lead the crowd in making a spectacular send off! This couple chose to use streamers because they weren't allowed to use anything else (precious bowls club lawn!). I've done this in the forest too, for the same reason. It's SO much fun for the crowd and the photos are incredible!

boom brewery.jpg

Sign at the bar

The are no rules that say you have to sit at a signing table to make things paperwork official! These two signed at the bar with their grandma's as witnesses. It was cute and relaxed and very much more their style than a formal signing!


Welcome to the Love Bubble

Oh my gosh this one was FUN. I came up with this idea while extremely sleep deprived with a newborn, and I'm so glad! It was pure joy.


As a part of the intro to the ceremony, this couple had me lead the crowd in a cute little meditation to help them settle into the celebration. While everyone (including the couple) had their eyes shut, I quickly gave the wedding party bubble wands and they got to work! When everyone opened their eyes they found the place filled with bubbles. The meditation closed with the line "Welcome to the love bubble". 

sharni and Jarrod.jpg

Flash mob "I do"

This one is SO nice. I ask you to tell me the names of 6 (or so) guests who you think would enjoy being a part of the ceremony. You don't tell them it's happening though!


Before ceremony kick off, I call up their names for a little secret meeting. I reveal to them that they've been selected to help with THE moment in the ceremony (asking the "I do" questions). I pump them up, telling them they've been chosen because they're super special to you.


When the moment comes, it's super special (and often pretty emotional!) because you have people from all different parts of your life asking those important questions. 


Toast within the ceremony

Rather than getting someone special to do a reading or something super traditional, why not ask them to do a toast so you can break out the bubbles early?


Towards the end of this ceremony, before I pronounced the couple married and they rocked it down the aisle, a family member said a few nice words (super brief, NOT a speech), wishing the couple well for the future and ending with a little toast. It was so nice! 


Begin married life with a dance

One of my favourites! Go straight into your first dance after the ceremony.


First Look

This isn't so uncommon these days! But after chatting with my couples about the experience, I totally get it now! They're your person, they make you feel more relaxed and at home. How nice to soak up those vibes before the ceremony begins!


Rock up together

Again, this is getting to be much more popular! Rather than one person waiting and the other one walking down the aisle, you can totally enter at the same time.


Add some cultural elements

Super cute, this couple had the groom's mum lead a little Bulgarian wedding tradition that involved the bride kicking a pot of flowers, the two of them breaking bread, and then drinking some pretty serious looking brandy! So much fun.


Wedding party surprise intros

You know how at most weddings you go to, there's a row of random good looking people at the front, looking very nervous as they wait for kick off? We can definitely do something about that. 

I ask you in advance to choose an amazing song (see list of Hype Songs in the Sealed Section for inspiration), and just before the ceremony officially starts, I put that vibe-y song on and welcome up your crew. Hopefully you've even given me some cheeky banter about each member so that I can take the heat off you and give everyone a giggle before we start!


E.g. "Notorious for double booking himself, it'll be a minor miracle if this guy doesn't bust an outfit change and slip out to another commitment before the night is out! Show some love for handsome Brad!" 

"Snowboarder, #1 Dad, and handy electrician, single ladies, Nick may just have the spark you've been searching for!"


Groomsman Stitchup

This doesn't need to be a groomsman, it can be anyone with a sense of humour really!


Basically, this poor guy couldn't make it to rehearsal, which is completely fine, but the couple took it as the perfect opportunity to plan and practice a little prank on him! 


When the moment came, I asked him to kindly present the wedding rings. Of course, he knew NOTHING of this, and definitely did NOT have them. He went a delightful shade of green (patting his pockets for some reason, searching for the invisible rings?!), before I let him off the hook and called for the actual ringbearer to save the day!


Ring doggie

Here's their ACTUAL ringbearer, darling Bowie.


Circular ceremony set up

There are no rules that say you have to have rows of seats and you stand at the front. These two  chose to have a (semi) circle of guests to make it a cozier, more relaxed vibe. They were all standing but seats are an option too if you like.


Plate smash

Another cool cultural tradition you may like to consider. We did this to a Calvin Harris song as the couple's big send off (I practiced it about a million times to perfectly time the build up and pronouncement!). The wedding party each smashed a plate was the beats dropped. It was amazing!


Champagne Tower

This one needs little introduction! Basically just stroll on over to the tower after you've been pronounced married (perhaps after a petal toss if you're doing something along those lines). If you have a wedding party, they can then help pass glasses of bubbles to guests as they come to congratulate you!

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